ACD is sending out client communications about the coronavirus on a regular basis. We'll share our latest updates on this page.


April 20, 2020

As we've adjusted to working remotely during the last month, I've reminded my employees that the coronavirus pandemic is immune to the weather. And sure enough, severe weather has hit certain regions across the U.S. You personally may live in one of these areas so please take the greatest precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

I want to reassure you that ACD's team members are veterans when it comes to managing hail and other severe weather claims. So far, we've received claims from over 20 states and we expect activity from several more as the season for powerful storms and hail unfolds.

For the 2020 storm season, here’s how ACD is ready:

  • A special catastrophe team works together to provide rapid response to affected areas.
  • Operational capacity to manage claims for personal vehicles and commercial lots, dealerships and fleet appraisals.
  • An in-person inspection with 'zero contact.'
  • A single point-of-contact to help facilitate communications with an adjuster(s).

You don't need to deal with a storm's aftermath alone. If we can be of help, please reach out to Tara Esquivel at or 888.403.4223, ext. 706

We appreciate your continued partnership. Please stay safe and well.


March 23, 2020

I hope your efforts to establish a new normal both at home and at work are going smoothly. This crisis and the restrictions being imposed on us really makes you reflect on what we take for granted, what we value and what we really need in life. When things are back to “normal,” I hope to not lose sight of this new perspective I’ve gained.

In previous communications to you, I’ve mentioned alternate methods of vehicle inspection since travel is greatly limited in many portions of our country. Now I want to show you how our Self(ie)™ touchless claim solution works. Watch our quick, two-minute video below.

With many staff adjusters not able to inspect vehicles in-person, we know many carriers are quickly needing another option for managing their customers’ claims. Selecting Self(ie)™ as the method of inspection is seamless and can be used in your existing environment and workflow. It’s super simple and we can be on board helping you out in a matter of minutes.

When you’re ready to start using Self(ie)™, please contact Tara Esquivel at or 888.403.4223, ext. 706.

Thank you for your continued partnership.


March 18, 2020

The situation we find ourselves is so fluid, with changes happening hour by hour. ACD has been working hard to establish a new normal during this unprecedented time. I hope the transition plans put into practice at your workplace are going smoothly and you and your loved ones are safe and well. I wanted to share an update as open communication is now more important than ever.

Please know that ACD can step in to dispatch and manage any claims you send our way. Our end-to-end claims solutions include several methods of inspection outside of the in-person option. We are noticing an increase in requests to use our Self(ie)™ mobile app which intuitively walks the vehicle owner through a series of photos so we can complete an in-house estimate. Our team can assist you or your customer with this fast and easy way to get their claim moving without the need for an in-person visit.

We are aware that many carriers are choosing to no longer send staff out into the field and, following the urging of the federal government, many companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Fortunately, ACD's AutoLink® platform is cloud-based and can be securely accessed away from your office. If you need help logging into our system, please contact either Natalie Barrett ( or Ken Brown ( from our leadership team. Either Natalie or Ken can also provide you with your ACD Client Care Team contacts in case you need them.

At ACD, we transitioned our headquarters (HQ) staff to working remotely this week. In addition to our HQ team, we have always maintained a partial distributed workforce located throughout the U.S. Our internal communications system continues to serve us well in this new way of working together. Internal teams can quickly and easily reach each other and take care of the business at hand.

Aside from a few select regions ordered to "shelter-in-place," we have not seen an overwhelming impact on the deliverables of our network appraisal services. Our network is nationwide and not housed in a central location or in regional offices. We have heard from many of our appraisers who are able and available to take on claims. In addition, a second communication was sent to them outlining the most recent CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and precautionary steps to avoid contracting or spreading any illness. We have also reminded our appraisers to comply with all ordinances and laws outlined by state and regional authorities.

As we are all doing, following this situation is our top priority and I will keep you updated on ACD's plans especially as they impact you, our valued clients.

Thank you for your continued partnership.


March 9, 2020

We’ve had a few of our valued clients reach out about ACD’s business continuity plans with respect to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Your concerns are valid given the day-to-day changes taking place nationally and globally. Please know we’ve taken measures to prepare for the potential disruption in normal business operations.

While we’re closely monitoring the situation, we don’t foresee an immediate impact on the deliverables of our network appraisal services. Our network is widely disbursed throughout the U.S. and not housed in a central location or in regional offices.

In the event that customers request a non-traditional appraisal, ACD can incorporate a variety of strategies to ensure the continuity of the claims process. Our unique and agile business model includes various methods of inspection outside of the in-person option. This includes our Self(ie)™ mobile app which intuitively walks the customer through a series of photos so we can complete an in-house estimate. Our CollisionSelect option offers your customer the ability to drop their car at the shop of choice and our quality assurance team will coordinate directly with the shop.

We’ve also taken immediate steps to brief our entire staff on the recommended preventative and precautionary measures outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A similar message was distributed to our entire nationwide network of independent appraisers informing them of the developing situation and ways to prevent and avoid spreading illness if they become sick.

Following this situation is a top priority for us and we’ll keep you updated should any new developments occur.

Thank you for your continued partnership.