At ACD, our mission is to shorten the claims process and drive customer satisfaction by utilizing technology and workflow optimization.

Process Claims Fast

We process all claims through AutoLink® - our unified platform that flexes to your specific business needs. AutoLink® is the digital hub of the entire claims workflow, optimizing the entire process from beginning to end, containing costs and providing consistency.

Claim CompleteSmartAuditEstimate WrittenCustomer ContactSmartDispatchClaim Received

Modern Technology Powers The Process

AutoLink® is a cloud based SaaS solution for auto insurers to manage their auto claims workflow. Our platform is flexible, scalable and configurable to meet your specific business needs. Our on-demand multi-channel inspection solutions, powerful partner integrations and robust data & reporting give your team the most advanced and easy-to-use tools in the industry.

Speedy Supplements

MobileSup is a fast and convenient online method for submitting documentation to ACD. Photos and attachments are placed right into the file.

The AutoLink® Difference

Whether you have 50 claims or 50,000, AutoLink®  is fully scalable and is ready to handle your volume.Full integrations with NADA Guides, leading parts and salvage providers, national recall data, insurer core systems, historical weather information and more.AutoReport™  is our built-in comprehensive reporting feature that tracks every key data point and delivers it to you in a convenient online report. Reports include severity, cycle time, parts usage, total loss and much more.We ensure full compliance to your preferred guidelines with our built-in quality assurance EMS scrub we call SmartAudit™ .Robust communication tools offer transparency into the claims process and allow for constant communication between our team and yours.

Our award-winning mobile self-service application is designed for digitally empowered insurance customers who want a hands on claims experience. Simply capture photos of the damaged vehicle on a smart device and receive and estimate in record time.

Now available in Spanish!

We’ve designed our mobile app to easily brand with your carrier’s logo and messaging creating a seamless user experience.Our user interface is designed to be intuitive for your customer, walking them through each step in the process.No downloads ever! Self(ie)™ is designed to work on all modern smartphones and works right inside the built-in browser. Fully secure, our web app makes the process simple.

What You Get

With ACD, your claims team receives best in class claims workflow technology solutions from beginning to end. You'll also enjoy our next generation innovations as they become available.

Dedicated Client Care Team

A client care and quality assurance representative assigned to every file.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Early access to the latest innovations from ACD Labs.

High Client Satisfaction

According to our clients, we have a 99.6% satisfaction rating. We're working hard to get that to 100%.

Dynamic Unified Billing

We make the invoicing process fast & easy. Monthly or weekly. Your choice.

“ACD feels the need for speed and does not disappoint with its offering. Moreover, ACD has built a robust data offering that drives quicker decisions.”

Awarded 2017 "Best in Process"

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