Kristy Facchini

The San Diego Business Journal this week recognized this year’s Most Influential Women in Accounting and ACD is proud to announce that our CFO, Kristy Facchini, made this prestigious list. Kristy joined ACD during a pivotal time as the company was transitioning from a startup to one experiencing high growth. The company’s ascent was outpacing the existing accounting team’s operational capacity. Under her leadership, Kristy analyzed the current structure and re-organized the department to support the growth trajectory. She instituted a new accounting technology platform, hired additional personnel and managed full system integration. Her efforts in recalibrating our accounting and financial processes allowed ACD to move from a startup to a scalable and margin-focused company.

In the last 12 months, Kristy has been instrumental helping our ACD Labs division in building our newest claims technology platform, ensuring optimized workflow, data capture to maximize reporting value to end users, and full integrations with our accounting systems. Her leadership in product development will enable ACD to expand revenue opportunities through new partnerships and introduce our technology platform to additional markets. Kristy’s expertise in accounting and financial forecasting, along with her strong business sense, has been instrumental in driving ACD's success.

One goal she remains committed to is striving to demystify the accounting role in organizations through communication, relationships and meaningful reporting while embracing a paperless working environment.