ACD, a leading auto claims technology, decision support, advisory and network management firm to the property and casualty industry announced the addition of SmartAudit within AutoLink®, ACD’s industry leading auto claims workflow platform.

SmartAudit is a customized quality control process that adapts to insurers’ internal staffing needs. SmartAudit works in conjunction with the most detailed rules-based compliance tool to form a layered auditing process to ensure unparalleled accuracy. Insurers can work within SmartAudit to efficiently triage assignments to select staff and quickly move files to closure.

“Accuracy and speed are essential to deliver an unmatched customer experience during the claims process. SmartAudit enables insurers to review for quality and compliance without the traditional bottlenecks that can plague a typical quality control department,” stated Ernie Bray, Chief Executive Officer of ACD. “SmartAudit has received unanimous praise from claims managers nationwide. ACD is an agile company that quickly adapts to our insurance clients’ needs as we understand the challenges they experience working with outdated technology,” added Bray.

Through AutoLink®'s scalable cloud-based technology, insurers can manage the entire auto claims workflow process from start to finish. This is done with a variety of customer-focused enhancements including Self(ie)®, CustomerFirst, CollisionSelect, SmartAudit and MobileSup technology. These features dramatically differentiate ACD within the industry. ACD has many exciting solutions in store for 2015 as it continues the corporation’s core mission of digitizing the claims industry and connecting the links of the auto claims value chain.

About ACD

With a mission of shortening the claims process and driving client satisfaction, ACD delivers the leading virtual claims workflow technology that flexes to an auto insurer’s specific business needs. ACD partners with tier 1 insurers, midsize carriers, TPAs, fleet administrators and self-insureds to provide the leading SaaS platform that drives workflow optimization and efficiency. For more information, visit