SubroLink® simplifies the complex and time consuming process of subrogation. Our industry leading software helps automate manual tasks, improving efficiency and productivity to bring more cost savings to your team.


Built from the ground up by claims professionals, SubroLink® is built for today’s subrogation needs. New technology helps you control and simplify one of the most complex processes in the industry, subrogation.


Automate the administration of subrogation while bringing efficiency, productivity and more cost savings to your team. Our extensive reporting monitors trends and runs comparisons between adjusters, carriers and historical parts availability.


SubroLink® isn’t only for subrogation demands. The same powerful tools can be used for desk reviews too. Track and identify cost savings, staff performance, operational efficiencies, and trends.

Subrogation technology built upon the same powerful platform as AutoLink®.

We’ve tapped the power of AutoLink® to access vehicle history reports on subrogation claims. This ensures that you’re only paying for damages you owe.

We evaluate every file for reasonable and customary rental car charges. Was a comparable vehicle rented? Was it rented for longer than necessary? We’ll dig in and find those answers for you.

Maximize savings by utilizing our integrated access to one of the industry’s leading alternative part searches. Was there a more cost effective alternative part available? Our historical part search will find it.

We’ve leveraged the power of the NHTSA’s integrated national database to assist our clients in determining if any recalls or technical service bulletins existed at the time of loss. It’s just one more tool available for adjusters within SubroLink®.

SubroLink® Technology Features

  • Full negotiation diary system
  • Timeline tracking of all subrogation actions
  • Phase tracking throughout the subro process
  • Redline tracking to provide detailed report findings during subrogation negotiations
  • Categorized savings results
  • Detailed reporting with ability to analyze negotiation results by insurer

Perfect for desk reviews too.

Harness the power of SubroLink® for desk reviews too. No other subrogation or desk review software solution in the industry takes such a comprehensive look at one of the most important parts of an insurance claim – the payment of what’s reasonably owed.

Find out how SubroLink® can help expedite your claims.

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