Our award-winning mobile self-service application is designed for insurance customers who want a hands on claims experience. Simply capture photos of the damaged vehicle on a smart device and receive an estimate in record time. It’s easy to use and you never have to download anything.


With Self(ie)there’s never any downloading, registering or updating needed. Compatible with all modern Apple iPhone and Android mobile phones.


Self(ie)speaks your customer’s language. Available in 7 languages, including: Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Russian, French and Tagalog. It’s simply the most versatile self-service app ever!


Self-service is a great timesaver, but it might not always be the right choice for your claim. That’s okay, because we can easily transition to a traditional appraisal in a snap.

How Self(ie) differs from the rest.

We know there are a few choices out there when it comes to mobile self-service applications. What sets ACD apart from the competition is its dedication to a seamless claims experience. No other self-service application can easily transition to a traditional appraisal should details of the loss change. Without missing a beat, we can dispatch the claim to the largest nationwide network of qualified damage assessors.

Self(ie) Benefits

  • Branded for your customers and fully customizable to your preferred verbiage
  • Built-in fraud protection with red flag indicators
  • Proactive triaging of assignments (self-service to traditional)
  • Instant uploads over Wi-Fi and cellular networks (Results are subject to network conditions)
  • Access to full analytics and reporting data so you can monitor trends
  • Most claims returned within hours versus days
  • No app downloading necessary
  • Award-winning, easy to use interface

Now featuring video with Self(ie) LIVE

Sometimes having your customer take photos of their damages is not enough. We’ve solved that problem with Self(ie) LIVE. Your customer simply connects with an ACD quality assurance specialist via a video chat interface. We walk your client through the inspection process, capturing all necessary still imagery and video to complete the damage evaluation. The video and images are stored within AutoLink® for review and future reference.

Find out how Self(ie) can help expedite your claims.

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