AutoLink® is the industry’s most advanced claims workflow platform available. Modern and scalable, it delivers real-time analytics and decision support right to your desktop. Designed for the future, its pioneering solutions are the most customizable in the industry, enabling insurers to work in a single, easy to use environment.


Our technology leaves legacy solutions behind and brings modern, intuitive solutions to your claims office which greatly enhances the user experience.


Our platform is developed using the most modern programming languages available which enables us to incorporate more features that make your job easier.


Our technology drives efficiency, acting as a force multiplier by providing vital tools and actionable data that makes your operations more productive.

Amazing technological features you need, plus a few more for good measure.

The more options, the better. With MOISelect you can instantly choose the best method of inspection for your claim. Choose between a traditional appraisal, Selfi(ie)Service or CollisionSelect.

An interactive communication tool that keeps your customer fully informed of their claim status. Increased communication and transparency leads to a positive policyholder experience.

Our award-winning mobile app for insurance customers that allows policyholders to take photos of their damaged vehicles and receive an estimate quickly. Our LIVE version offers real-time inspections via a video chat interface.

A fast and convenient online method for submitting supplemental documentation to ACD. Away from your desk? Submit it from your mobile device!

A proprietary component within AutoLink® that electronically analyzes and scrubs every estimate to ensure that guidelines are being met. We work with you to target the areas your office is focused on.

Our industry leading comprehensive customized reporting feature built into AutoLink®. We track every key data point and deliver it to you in a convenient online report.

Our modern software design allows for easy integration between AutoLink® and other claims systems. Our bridging technology even works with legacy providers. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

Powered by the NHTSA’s national database, we increase awareness and safety by providing recall and technical service bulletin information for each assignment processed through AutoLink®. A valuable tool for liability investigations.

Allows insurers to dispatch an assignment to any collision repair facility a vehicle owner chooses. CollisionSelect accepts any estimating software and can log digital imagery, video and all file types.

ACD partners enjoy integrated access to one of the industry’s leading alternative part searches. No need to spend time on other websites - it’s all built-in here.

The industry’s best team is here to back you up.

  • The industry’s most comprehensive nationwide network of Auto & Heavy Equipment damage assessors.
  • Managed services include: Auto/Light Truck, Heavy Equipment, Specialty & more.
  • Dedicated Client Care Associates for each file.
  • Quality Assurance audits to your guidelines, state laws and regulations.

Find our how AutoLink® can help expedite your claims.

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