How Do I Properly Inspect, Photo & Fill Out A Scope (inspection) Sheet?

As a "Photos Inspection Representative", you will be the face of the insurance company. A friendly disposition and business casual dress code are required.

You should never advise that you're just a "picture taker" but, are the inspector that will be forwarding your file to the client. Always advise the customer to contact their claim rep/adjuster with questions about their claim and, never commit to any time frames whatsoever.

Below are what is needed from you as an inspector:

  • 1 scope (inspection) sheet with a narrative of damages.
  • 1 close up photo showing measurement at point of impact. Measure from ground up to point of impact.
  • 1 photo of point of impact measurement that shows from ground up.

Photos must be legible & in focus

Note: The point of impact photos must be straight line shots...not from a side angle or, looking down at tape measure.

Note: Straight line (not standing over) photos are required. You might need to slightly bend your knees towards a squat position in order to get the proper photos.

  • 4 corner photos (from left front, left rear, right front & right rear).
  • 2 photos of the on the dash & the one inside of driver door.
  • 3 angles of the damaged area (left, center & right).
  • 1 of the odometer.
  • 1 of the dash showing the radio & any other options.
  • 1 of the steering wheel.
  • 1 of the driver door panel showing the controls.
  • All 4 tires showing tread.
  • Seats, carpet & headliner (all interior).
  • Photos of all equipment & options (power seats, heated seats, sun/moon roof, tow packages etc).

If damage to the vehicle is moderate to severe or the vehicle is over 7 years old:

  1. Remove floor mats & pull back aftermarket seat covers in order to photo condition.
  2. Open the hood and photo engine compartment. Be sure to photo engine oil dipstick & transmission dipstick (if available).
  3. All above photos plus tire tread depth using a tread depth gauge. These are available at most auto parts supply stores & the digital versions render the best photos.

It is advised that you have print some scope sheets in order to carry them with you at all times. Also below are photo examples.

Files Attached: